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blackstar's master class and visit in buenos aires

Blackstar visited us!Paul Hevhoe - Sales and Marketing Manager - and J. Hayes - Product Manager -  came to visit our offices in Buenos Aires and four musical instrument stores. They had the chance to present new products, to tell and show characteristics of others classical amps and to give a general view about the company history.Musical instrument stores, music schools and artists showed up to participate in the master class we had. They saw different amplifier lines characteristics, as well as the edition software Insider for series “ID: Series“ and “ID: Core“.>>> To see master class streaming click hereNext day, we took Paul and J. to visit the shops, Baires Rocks, ShowMusic, Famusic and Compas Uno. In each place we had the chance to have interesting conversations and clarify doubts about the products.    >>> Baires Rocks Streaming click here>>> Famusic Streaming click hereWe would like to thank all who showed up at Import Music master class, as well as the four stores which kindly opened their doors and specially to Paul and J. for coming right after Summer NAMM to share their knowledge and learn about what is happening in this side of the world.